Symptoms and Causes

Postpartum depression is a severe and potentially longer-lasting form of depression in females, that generally occurs after the birth of their child (Paternal Postnatal Depression can also occur for new fathers). Symptoms of postpartum depression are very similar to those of Major Depressive Disorder and can include depressed mood, insomnia, guilty feelings, fatigue, poor concentration, poor or elevated appetite, crying, difficulty bonding with a newborn child, and suicidal thoughts. A rare condition that occurs soon after birth for a new mother is postpartum psychosis, where they can experience hallucinations, delusions, obsessive thoughts about their baby, confusion/disorientation, and thoughts of hurting themselves or their baby.

We have providers who specialize in post-partum and providers who are parents themselves and get it. You're not alone. Growing a tiny human is an incredible feat and sometimes we just need a little help.  

You can also visit our blog Mind Shift for an article from LCSW Katie Burgess about her experience Navigating Postpartum and a Pandemic.


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