Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sets your group apart from other outpatient psychiatric group practices?

We focus on efficiency and on reducing the burdens involved with practicing psychiatry (i.e. managing staff, marketing, billing, scheduling, handling phone calls). This allows our providers to spend more time clinically with their patients, and improves the effectiveness of data collection and treatment planning. You get the benefits of working collaboratively in a group with other like-minded psychiatrists, with whom you can share thoughts and ask questions related to your patient’s care. We take pride in hiring the best staff, who are patient, caring, and compassionate to our patients, knowledgeable about mental health, hard-working, and well-organized.

2. What’s the salary as an employee?

  • $190,000, starting salary for a 24-hour week

3. Do I need to pay for any expenses?

No, we cover all expenses involved with your day-to-day practice.

4. Which insurances are you currently in network with?

We are currently contracted with Aetna, Anthem, Humana, Optum, and Tricare.

5. Do you currently use an electronic medical record (EMR)

Yes, we use a popular web-based EMR. It simplifies notes and orders, giving you more time with your patients. Another special part of our intake process is that patients are able to complete their intake online, and those answers (including information about chief complaint, psychiatric history, PMH medications, social history, and substance history) are then directly inserted into your initial evaluation note. You can then verify, edit, and add to those answers in your note, saving you more time to completely understand your patient’s issues from day one, and more effectively develop a treatment plan.

6. What is your policy for taking time off?

We offer two weeks of paid vacation per year. We just ask that you submit your request 1 month in advance so we can make sure patients have sufficient notice of your availability. 

7. Will patients contact me through my email or personal phone number?

No, patients are given the clinic phone number, and will then speak with a staff member during regular business hours. The staff will address the patient’s needs as much as possible. If there are issues that require your attention, they will notify you and ask for your input. If the patient calls after-hours, they are able to leave you a voicemail, which is emailed to you.

8. How do you handle refills or prior authorizations for my patients?

Our highly trained staff will take calls from your patients and set up refills, which you can then sign off on in our EMR when you are in the clinic. On days you are not in the clinic, your refills can be approved by our mid-level providers.

9. What types of diagnoses do you usually see as a provider?

Most of our patients suffer from depression and/or anxiety, with fewer patients seen for ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

10. Can I do psychotherapy with my patients?

Yes, many of our providers do provide supportive and some CBT psychotherapy on each follow-up visit.

11. How do you handle patients who are suicidal or homicidal?

Since our clinic is solely focused on outpatient level of care, we rarely have patients that require transfer to the emergency room. If this does occur, we have contacts with local emergency rooms, which we can call to coordinate care, and we have a protocol to guide appropriate transfers.

12. How do I get started with applying to join the clinic?

It usually takes 2-3 months to get fully credentialed by insurances in order to start seeing their members. We advise that you get started with the credentialing paperwork as soon as possible, even if you are contemplating other positions. We can email you the forms.  If you decide not to work in our clinic and have already started the credentialing process with us, it will not affect your ability to apply or work at other clinics.

13. What types of benefits do you provide?

  • Tele-work from home up to two days a week
  • Two weeks paid vacation and six paid holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement account with contribution matching
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Professional license renewal fees (MD, DEA)
  • Generation reimbursement of qualifying CME expenses

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